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[Case Study] Market Penetration in Europe

Market Expansion Success Story

 We helped this brand increase its market share and revenue in Europe.

Client: KODGAV

As a shining star among UK Agritech Startups, KODGAV stands out for its innovative approach to connecting the European food industry with Africa's rich Agri-food supply chain. Seeking to broaden their horizons, KODGAV partnered with our team, aiming to significantly boost their market presence across Europe.

Market Expansion Case Study

Sector Focus

  • Industry: Food Industry | Supply Chain
  • Primary Channel: Email Marketing
  • Services Provided: Project Management - Market Penetration
  • Target Market: Europe


  • Market Share Increase: +90 tonnes (420 %)
  • Revenue Growth: +€250k

The Challenge: Breaking into the EU Market

KODGAV faced a daunting task. Despite a successful UK launch and a growing customer base, the brand needed to penetrate the highly competitive EU market. Their goal was clear: expand B2B sales to food manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe. However, rising inflation and a cost of living crisis presented significant hurdles, as potential clients became hesitant to engage with new suppliers, especially in an industry witnessing a downturn in organic product sales.

Strategic Approach: Insight-Driven Expansion

Our approach hinged on a deep understanding of KODGAV's business environment. Utilizing Business Analysis and cutting-edge insights technology, we crafted a strategy that maximized revenue while minimizing costs.

  • Focused Marketing: We zeroed in on email marketing as our primary channel, ensuring a targeted and cost-effective outreach.
  • Building Relationships: Our business development strategy emphasized cultivating strong connections with qualified leads, understanding that nurturing these relationships might extend sales cycles but would yield long-term benefits.
  • Lead Acquisition: The initial phase centred on acquiring leads through cost-efficient channels, with email marketing playing a pivotal role.
  • Project Management: Adhering to the PRINCE2 methodology, we meticulously managed the project, fostering valuable client relationships throughout the process.
  • Performance Tracking: We closely monitored key benchmarks, including engagement metrics, quote generation, and contract issuance, ensuring alignment with our strategic goals.

 Results: A Market Share Surge

Our collaborative efforts with KODGAV culminated in remarkable success. The strategic B2B sales initiatives led to contracts worth €250,000, significantly strengthening KODGAV's ties with key food manufacturers, particularly in France. This strategic expansion resulted in a substantial increase of 90 metric tons in KODGAV's market share within the European market, marking a milestone in their growth journey.