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[Case Study] GTM Project Closes $1.3M in B2B Sales

Successful market entry and new customer acquisition.


KODGAV, a new Agri-tech startup from West Africa with a vision to bridge the gap between the food industry in Europe to Africa's supply chain. The brand intended to move its HQ to the UK market. We helped the brand plan a 12-month Go-to-Market campaign to acquire its first B2B customers in the UK market.

Food Industry | Supply Chain
Content - Blogs
Digital Ads
Social Media - Linkedin | Instagram | and Facebook
Project Planning - Marketing and Business Development
3+ B2B Sales Contracts
$1.3M in B2B Sales Bookings



Our team of skilled project experts faced an intriguing challenge: launching a new startup for commercial operations and securing its first B2B customers in the UK.  

The goal was to attain $1M within 12 months of launching for commercial operations. However, this startup was unknown and did not yet have a corporate presence in the UK market. Additionally, it takes significantly longer to acquire B2B customers due to lengthy sales cycles. Reputation and trust were also important criteria to secure new customers which the company was lacking as it had not yet launched for commercial operations. 



Our Go-to-Market experts played a pivotal role in defining the market entry strategy which consisted of both an inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Our inbound strategy relied on content marketing channels (building authority over keywords relevant to the company's flagship products), while the outbound strategy relied on building an engaging email sequence to engage prospects by cold emailing. 



We successfully achieved the Client's objectives resulting in new customer acquisition (B2B). The total contract value of new sales contracts amounted to $1,300,000. 

The company also gained notable media mention as one the best Agri-tech startups in the United Kingdom