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[Case Study] Business Model Development and New Customer Acquisition

We helped this brand in the electronics and consumer electronics space attain proof of concept and validate its business model.




VapePlug.UK, a  new startup in London was venturing into the world of consumer electronics with a fresh business approach. They came to us, looking for a 9-month project to prove their concept and affirm their business model's viability through the successful acquisition of customers.

Retail | E-commerce
Social Media - Instagram and Facebook
Project Planning and Delivery - Business Development
+ 1,000 Monthly Subscribers



Our team of skilled project experts faced an intriguing challenge: launching a brand-new company and securing a sufficient number of subscribers to validate the company's business model.
The initial goal was to attain the first 10 subscribers before transitioning to full commercial operations, with the overarching aim of achieving 1,000 subscribers within a 9-month timeframe.

However, this startup was completely unknown without a website or digital presence. Additionally, their product, e-cigarettes, could exclusively be sold to consumers aged 18 and above, and stringent regulations meant the brand could not advertise on digital channels like Google, Instagram and Facebook.

The project presented substantial risks owing to the nature of the brand's product, e-cigarettes, and the dynamic regulatory landscape surrounding them in the United Kingdom. A significant regulatory shift posed a tangible risk, with the potential to put the startup out of business before project completion. It was indeed a challenge worthy of careful consideration.



Our Business Analysis team played a pivotal role in defining the Client's primary target audience and identifying the most effective communication channels to connect with them. Given the constraints on digital advertising, we discerned that event marketing channels represented the most promising alternative.

This strategic shift enabled us to focus the project on event marketing channels, making them the primary avenue for customer acquisition. We also spearheaded the creation of a new customer acquisition process and provided valuable assistance in establishing the company's Shopify store.

Regarding project management, we adopted the PRINCE 2 methodology. Throughout the project's timeline, we planned and executed more than three events. Notably, lead generation occurred both during and after these events, with an impressive 75% of attendees returning for subsequent engagements.



We successfully achieved the Client's objectives resulting in new customer acquisition (B2C). The events and resulting growth in brand awareness helped the brand secure 1,000 monthly subscribers to their web store.